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can't sleep


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sorry to bother all of you because I always have questions to ask :)

My dad always can't fall into sleep. It happens before dx SCLC, now he takes "sleeping" pills, but no improvement at all. He told me he doesnt feel sleepy. Last night (2:00am), he went downstairs for exercising. :shock:

But I found when he takes both "sleeping" pills + "Calm" pills before go to bed, he can sleep.

But I really don't want him to rely on taking pills. What can I do? Keep on letting him take both pills?

Do you have any good solutions & advice?

thank you soooo much...

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Don't be silly, nobody is a bother here. Have you spoken with your doc on this. I know I have an Uncle who just cannot get on a regular sleep schedule but he refuses to go to a sleep clinic. I have trouble sleeping when I am having chemo treatments from the anti nasuea meds in the chemo but am OK otherwise. Ask your doc but the pills may be the answer. Hang in there and remember we are always here for you at any time-questions or no questions.

David C

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For a time after my diagnosis and surgery, I was a- two- tylenol- PM- a night girl. My internist was worried about it, but I didn't care. I still take them several times a week when I really need to sleep well.

Sleep is so important to healing. When I was first diagnosed with cancer in 93, I did not sleep for the entire 6 weeks of radiation. I will not go through that again.

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