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Update on my Mom


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It has been a while since I've posted but wanted to let everyone know what a fighter my Mom is at 71! She is now in the rehab unit of the hospital and has walked over 40ft and is steady getting stronger. She is on number 13 of 20 Radiation treatments while they are treating the Norcardia (lung infection) and the Infectious Dr says he needs 30 days on the mega doses of the Bactrim to get a handle on the infection before resuming the Chemo hence the radiation. She did suffer a very strange stroke two weeks ago that they said acted like a "focal seizure" but they did an MRI of her brain and spine concluding that the lesion in her brain was NOT SCLC but evidence of a mild stroke. She is now on blood thinners and still on 4ltrs of oxygen but she is bound and determined that she is going to be coming home this time walking and able to start her Chemo. What a fighter! Her doctors find her to be quite the miracle considering all that she has been through and she never hesitates to tell them who is in charge of her life and that is why she is still here (drives them nuts - LOL!) She said to tell everyone here to not give up hope and to enjoy each day for what it is and let tomorrow tend to itself.

Hugs, Linda

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