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Email everyone will be receiving...


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As you visit the site, you will notice several banner ads being added to the site. We are still a non-profit site using a minimal number of banner ads to basically pay the bills.

Bills such as Hosting Services which is increasing

18x the original costing. ( Still a discounted price but it does cost)

Each month the traffic has increased to the site. From 100meg traffic to now almost 20gb per month. I am Sad that this much traffic has to come to the site with this horrible disease, but VERY happy the site is serving a valued service.

I have posted this topic to the forum with very positive response but

still, Estrea and I just wanted to let everyone know why the banner ads are here and give a little explanation about the reasoning behind them.

Thanks for letting me intrude and have a nice day.

Rickey Brown

User "Rick"


Mobile 682-554-RICK

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Guest DaveG


Who ever designed the banner ads did a stupendous job. It looks good, As far as the reason goes for the adds, I doubt if anyone will argue the issue. There are expenses with running a website and any outside help we can get is certainly appreciated. The ads also compliment what we are doing here.

Again, good job and keep keeping it going.

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Dear Rick and Estrea,

Again, THANK YOU for ALL you do to make this board as wonderful as it IS! I also thank you for sharing this imformation with all of us as a heads up. RICK, you DO GO the EXTRA 1000 miles here on this board and I for ONE know how hard you work at it! HOORAY FOR RICKEY!!!!

Dave, I could be wrong, but I don't think Rick's message would concern the members in the fact that they may "argue the issue of the banners". I took Ricks message as a heads up and good PR work on his part in keeping the members up to date. I know there are a LOT of hidden costs here that none of us knows or understands and I trust that Rick knows exactly how to get around those costs.

Warm and Gentle Hugs, THANK YOU AGAIN RICK!!!!!!!

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