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6 months


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Hi everyone,

well I was just reading through a lot of these posts on this section becasue I just passed the 6 month mark of Mom's death and I still can't believe she is gone. I always feel so a lone, way up here in Denmark, away from my friends and family, and looking at all this helped me, becasue I know I am not a lone and hopefully I can find a way to be on the board more often. As I haev mentioned in other posts it is hard from here, but this really helps me, and I love all you guys and my heart goes out to everyone on this board, and I even feel selfish for being a way for so long.

HUGS to everyone and Katie B, your post made me cry (but in a good way) from Sept 6th. I hope you know that you and Rick are making a difference in so many lives and your Dad is watching you and smiling for sure, and he is always with you.


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Hey Steph,

I'm so sorry that you have to be all the way in Denmark and I'm doubly sorry that you have such an insensitive jerk of a stepfather. I've been reading your posts today and my heart goes out to you. Situations like this bring out the worst in people. I have a family member that blames me for my mother's death. She has said just horrible things. If you are anything like me, I get fuming mad and then exhausted from the anger, then the sadness of losing my mom. I've decided to keep a cautious distance from this family member. I hope that Fay can help you get the information you need. I know that it has to be tremendously difficult to not have something you can touch, smell of your mothers. Do you have someone you can trust in your stepfather's family? Maybe they can help you with communication with him or maybe they will be compassionate enough, go over to the house and sneak a couple of items for you and your sister.

Steph, I'm so sorry you have to deal with this. It's so unbelievable that someone can be so heartless. Nonetheless, we are here for you and respect your loss. We know how much you loved your mother and how much your heart breaks...you have our compassion.

On another note, how long are you in Denmark?

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