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  1. Hope you're recovering well Jeff and thank you for your service. god bless
  2. Congratulations! Great news!
  3. Hi all. I hope everything is going as good as possible for everyone... Just an update....My Mom is still recovering from the radiation to her mediastinum post lobectomy surgery (and about 8 months after induction chemo). It has caused some inflammation to her lungs and she has been prescribed pregnisone (sp?) to combat that issue which has helped some. Prior to her lobectomy in her right lung, two small nodules were detected via CT scan in her left lung. This Was about 8 months ago and those two nodules remain to this day, even after the chemo. They did not illuminate via PET scan. They are too small to biopsy and her doctors are watching them closely, but don't seem too concerned. Does anyone have experience with a situation like this? I don't think they would have done surgery in the first place if there was a concern the cancer has spread to both lungs? Thank you all for any information on this. god bless
  4. Welcome ktamdgirl. I am sorry to hear of your mothers diagnosis. My mother was diagnosed with stage 3a adeno-squamous lung cancer about 6 months ago. She was first told she had stage 2 but when they found that one lymph node in her mediastinum was positive, they restaged her to stage 3a. Three total lymph nodes involved were positive. She is a non smoker. She received two months of cispaltin and pemetrxed chemo, which shrunk her 2cmx 2.5cm tumor enough to be removed via lobectomy. She had the three positive nodes and seven others removed during the lobectomy. She has the EGFR mutation. She received radiation after surgery for 30 treatments. She is sore from the treatments, but recovering and alive. My hopes are that she is and will remain cancer free and god forbid there's a recurrence, enough time will have passed for better treatments. My prayers are with you and your mother. Let me know if you have any other questions. god bless
  5. Hi jesslaa and welcome. I am sorry to hear off your mothers diagnosis. I went through the same thing a few months ago. I am unfamiliar with the Canadian medical system and the protocol it follows regarding lung cancer NsCLC staging. Although I am not a doctor, in the US they gave my mother a stage before surgery and before chemo based on Tumor size and lymph node involvement/node location. Did your mother undergo a medistinoscopy? God bless.
  6. Hi Amay. I am sorry to hear of your moms diagnosis. My mother was recently diagnosed with 3a adenoaquamous lung carcinoma. She had three chemo sessions then surgery (lobectomy vía VATS). She did respond to the chemo. She has not had radiation (yet). Did your mothers doctor explain why they couldn't do surgery on the tumor and cut out the affected lymph node in the mediastinum? Stay positive. Several clinical trials are underway which are combining immunotherapys now and are showing promising results. New advancements are being made daily as Tom said. Although your mom may have not have had a dramatic response to chemoradiation , she may to other treatments. Thank god there are additional options out there and more emerging. God bless.
  7. Thanks to both of you. Merry Christmas!
  8. Hi again Tom and everyone else here. Just a small update, mom will be released from the hospital later today. It has been just under a week since her lobectomy. She had a slight heart palpitation that the doctor just recently got under control. They state that it can be a common issue after surgery. The pathology report also can back today. The doctor/oncologist report that they were able to achieve clear margins for her. Although they sampled many lymph nodes, only the two we already knew about contained any known trace of disease. We are very grateful for this news. Thanks Tom and everyone else for their support. God bless and Merry Christmas.
  9. Hi Just Chel and again congratulations with your year of NED. Did you receive radiation before or after your surgery? My mother just had VATS surgery and a lobe removed along with two infected lymph nodes. They classified her as 3a adeno-squamous lung cancer. They mentioned giving her radiation and chemo after she heals. She did receive neoadjuvant chemo which made surgery possible. She also never smoked. Curious as to your experiences. God bless.
  10. Thanks Tom. I hope you and everyone else here has a very merry Christmas as well. Will keep you posted on the pathology report. Today was a big improvement for her as far as pain goes. Sounds pretty crazy considering its major surgery. They have her walking around and everything. Something to be very grateful for indeed. God Bless.
  11. Hi Tom. Thank you for the quicks response(s). Apprently the surgeon started with the operation with the VATS to see how she would fair and felt during the surgery that she could stick with it, so she switched back to the original plan. We were happy to hear that. The surgeon mentioned after that she was able to remove the entire tumor and the two infected lymph nodes along with sampling several other nearby nodes by the tumor. She believed she obtained clean margins, but pathology will give us the final answer on everything. I am looking into the pillow reccomendation. She was in quite a bit of pain, but today was better than yesterday and she will be home for Christmas. I want to make sure she is comfortable (as much as possible). Her team mentioned that chemo and radiation may be in her near future after she recovers in attempt to destroy any micrometastis. What can I expect from her adjuvant therapy? She did respond well to chemo which reduced her tumor and lymph node involvement by 50%. Radiation would be a new addition for her. They mentioned saving precision medecine and immunotherapy as third and fourth line treatments. Your thoughts? God bless
  12. Hello all. My mom is having her lobectomy today along with the surgical removal of her two known positive lymph nodes. Her PET scan yesterday showed an additional reduction in tumor size and her lymph nodes slightly decreasing in activity on her PET. I am grateful to hear this and hopefully it is a indicator future positive results. Hopefully that's all she has as far as lymph node involvement and there are no surprises. Unfortunately the VATS surgery plan went out the window. She is having the older thoractomy surgery because her thoracic surgeon wanted to be overly cautious during the surgery because of the tumors location near her heart. She, I and my whole family are extremely nervous. Please keep us in your prayers. God bless.
  13. Hi tom. Thank you for the response. I hope all is well. Mom has now been scheduled for lobectomy surgery in two weeks for her 3a lung cancer. Her oncologist and thoracic surgeon met and decided that three neoadjuvant chemotherpy sessions were enough and that her tumor/lymph nodes were not likely going to reduce any further. She has two lymph nodes effected, one near her heart. This is melancholy news because she is very nervous for surgery and I and our family are nervous for her. I reassure her by telling her that surgery has a survival benefit. I have also read that tumor/lymph node reduction via neoadjuvant chemo prior to surgery is a good prognostic sign. In your research have you read anything similar? Thank you and God bless.
  14. Hi shlomit and welcome. My mother, age 64, was recently diagnosed with stage 3a adeno-squamous nslc about three months ago. She has never smoked, but was exposed to second hand smoke on occasion. She had breast cancer in situ a few years back, but her oncologist and surgeon don't believe that is the cause or related to her lung cancer. For now, two lymph nodes are involved. Her lung tumor is in the top upper left corner of her lung next to her heart. Surgery was not an option initially. She began a platinum doublet regimen of chemotherapy a little over a month ago. She started with cisplatin/pemetrexed and is now on caroblatin. The chemo treatment has reduced her Tumor by a third in size. It was originally 3.5 x 3.5 x 3cm. The doctors are continuing chemo for her for another month in hopes to shrink the tumor further. I have my fingers crossed. Surgery will now be scheduled in the near future thankfully. Side effects of fatigue and nausea occurred for her. She also has an EFGR mutation from the profiling of her tumor. They are holding off on the decision for radiation at this time. Very nerve racking indeed. We live in the north east. From her doctors and from what I have read here in the forum, stage 3a lung cancer is potentially curable depending on a number of factors. My hope is that immunotherapy and precision medicine are perfected in the next few years in case of a recurrence. How old is your cousin? Do you have Any particular questions? I'd be happy to try and answer them from my perspective. God bless.
  15. Congratulations! That is fantastic news. Your optimistic attitude is quite admirable. God bless.