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  1. My surgery was DaVinci robotic-assisted lobectomy, not VATs.  I was doing well in past couple of weeks, even back to the gym.  Yesterday, late afternoon I had an automobile accident!  I don't recall the details of how it happened -- I'm told I went through a stop sign!  They think I may have lost consciousness temporarily.  No one else was injured.  I suffered blunt impact to my chest, causing "chest contusions."  It was truly horrendous experience, and I'm going to stop driving.  I'll try to post on the main post page when I get a chance.

    1. BridgetO


      My goodness, how awful! I understand your decision to stop driving. I wish you all the best in your recovery. How are you doing now?

  2. Your story is amazing!  How are you & your son doing at this point in time?  I'm optimistic all is well but would be pleased to hear from you.  I'm awaiting biopsy results & then likely will need some type of surgery.

    All best, Irka

    1. ColleenRae


      Hi Irka,

      I'm sorry for the late reply.  For some reason I'm not getting notifications from this site when I get messages (I used to!). I will need to investigate this!

      I also need to see what "your story" is here with Lungevity... I'm not sure if my story is amazing, but it's been helpful to have this site and to share questions, fears, experiences with others in this journey.  Thank you for your message and reaching out... and asking about my son and I.  We are doing fairly well. I think this whole cancer experience has really changed our way of thinking and experiencing life though.  My son is returning to college in a couple of weeks and I am going to try and see if I can either resume an online business I had or look for at least part-time work. I recently saw my surgeon (lobectomy last October) and he does not think I need another scan for 12 months. I'm nervous about waiting that long, so seeking a second opinion. I don't know how to regain what seemed like a "normal" life before all of this. It takes work, I think. It takes support from others (my son is very loving and supportive, but he's young and idealistic too!).

      I will try to see if I can find your posts and see what you are going through.  I'm sorry you are dealing with lung cancer, too, but glad you've found this site. There are some really great people here! Do you know when you will receive your biopsy results? This is good if you can get a biopsy... I was not able to due to the size and location of my tumor, so I took a gamble and had the lobectomy so they could biopsy the tumor. It was the best choice since it did turn out to be cancer.  I have another nodule in the left lung but my surgeon does not seem worried about it (but the radiologist is), so not sure how to handle that but ignoring it for now...ha!  Hope to read your story and comment after I have time to read your posts... Thank you for your message.


  3. Hello again, Tom!  I just downloaded your book Scanziety from Amazon.com & am going to start reading it ASAP.  I am in a state of generalized anxiety right now & feel lost & totally in the dark.  I'm sure reading about your actual experiences will be very helpful & useful.

    Best, Irka

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