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  1. Hey Jack, did you ever get an explanation of the changed language on your CT report? Susan
  2. Sabacat

    My Christmas wish.

    Why not? I don’t think it’s stupid or selfish. In fact, I’ll bet lots of other folks who will be at Timberline Lodge for Christmas want to see snow, too.
  3. Oh, no!!! So sorry to hear that! Hoping you'll still be able to have your treatment on Friday and that your case will not get any worse! Susan
  4. That’s true, but her doc is affiliated with Christ Hospital in Cincinnati. What really shocked we was her saying that they don’t give ANY injections of any kind in the office.
  5. Wow, it’s becoming more real! ☀️🤞☀️🤞☀️ I had sent a message to my Mom’s geriatrician about getting her lined up for the vaccine (she’s 91). Got a reply from a nurse that they didn’t keep a list since they don’t give any injections in the office. What?!?!???? 😳
  6. Sabacat

    Cheer me up

    Sounds positive to me! Be sure to update us when you find out what the options are. Susan
  7. It IS expensive if not covered on your drug plan. I get it from Canada.
  8. I hope so!!! That sounds truly awful. Oddly, I have been on 60mg Dexilant, a strong PPI, for about 8 years due to Barrett’s esophagus and have never experienced that side effect. Maybe a different drug would give you relief without the side effects. Please let us know if it clears up. Will be thinking of you!
  9. Thanks, Tom! Just read Judy's blog post - very interesting! Thanks for pointing it out or I would never have found it. My medical onc definitely plans to continue chemo and immunotherapy after the radiation. Anxious to hear what the radiation onc has to say! Susan
  10. PS - he also told her it would likely be 10 treatment sessions.
  11. Not to hijack this thread, but since Tom is so knowledgeable about radiation maybe he can prepare me for my visit with the radiation oncologist on Tuesday. I'm being sent to him because my primary tumor has not responded to the triplet (well, it appeared to after 2 infusions, but then seemed to enlarge back to and/or slightly above original size). I did have some other lymph nodes that did improve. Anyway, when the NP (due to onc being away for the holiday) shared this with us and we asked about side effects, she said there really shouldn't be any except possibly fatigue BECAUSE THEY WILL
  12. Sabacat


    Have been wondering about you recently! Thanks for checking in. Every 10 weeks sounds like they're not too worried about the "suspicious" tissue. Sounds like that train is traveling to a good place. Susan
  13. YES! Happy Thanksgiving to Lou and everyone here!! Don't know how I'd get through this without you!
  14. Sabacat


    Great news, Babs!!!
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