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  1. Thanks everyone for all of your replies. Im not sure what to say or do next, but I do have 3 kids to keep me VERY busy, and I hope that this horrible feeling in my stomach will go away soon. Im on the boards often, just kindof out of advice for everyone. I think alot of people on this board can say just what Im feeling, only it comes out better. I recieved an email from someone here who had good news and I felt 100% better! I love to hear when you guys are doing well. Thanks again to everyone, Ill be in touch Jamie
  2. Hello to all. Im not sure how many of you guys remember me, I havent been on the board in a long time. Im writing to all of you because...well... I guess I just dont know what else to do. My dad passed away last Wednesday. He had been cancer free since July of last year, and died suddenly now of a heart attack. I cant figure out why or how, and am having trouble sorting it all out in my head. I know he didnt die from cancer, but I remember how more at ease I felt after talking to all of you when he was diagnosed, and am hoping that maybe this will help. My dad was doing great. Feeling good, back to work, went to Chicago Bear training camp for a big camping trip only 3 weeks ago. While there he thought he had an asthma attack of some kind. He had a dr. appointment coming up, so thought he'd mention it there. He never made it. They said he had blockage in a major artery and that he was having heart attacks. Took him for a test with no time to spare, and he died for 20 minutes. They did bring him back, but it looked really bad. I knew. I knew right there that they werent going to be able to help him. We gave the ok to try the stint, but they were back out of the room in 15 minutes saying he died again. So thats it...my dad is gone. What will I do without him? We buried him in his Chicago Bear #99 Dan Hampton jersey. My son also wore his jersey to the wake. We played the bears fight song at the funeral, and also the "Super Bowl Shuffel" (Those close to Chicago, may know it- a really bad rap song the 85" bears made". The funeral director also blew a whistle at the beggining of the funeral and yelled out "PLAY BALL". His wake and funeral was one of a kind just like my Dad. I dont know what else to say. Jamie
  3. Karen, so sorry to hear about this... were all here for you, keep your chin up! Jamie
  4. jamie

    The dying process

    Sharyn, I remember reading your posts before I took a long break, and I remember reading about how much you cared for your Dad, and what a wonderful daughter you were to him. I think you did all that you could, and it was just that time. Dont feel bad, or feel like you did something wrong.... you didnt... I hope the pain goes away soon, I know you miss him... Jamie
  5. jamie


    Cindy, Could there be any better news? Im so happy for you! Jamie
  6. Great News Heather! Keep us posted! Jamie
  7. jamie

    Just a Hello

    Jane, Im here with you... I know and completly understand... glad your back... keep in touch! Jamie
  8. Lea, I talked with you when you first posted months back, and have been wondering about you. Sorry about the brain mets, but keep your chin up. If you ever need anything or need to talk, PM me and keep us posted on your dad. Best of Luck, and try to keep yourself occupied... your dad looks like a strong guy! Jamie
  9. jamie

    Long time!!!

    Hi everyone! Im back! Ive taken a LONG break from posting, but have checked in with everyone often! There really is alot of good news going on here on the board! I just thought that I would right and give everyone a peek into whats been going on with us. After my dads surgery, he went through some rough preventative chemo and now had his PET scan done. The news is not bad. Hes still NED (or so the dr. thinks), but did have a light on his PET. The dr. seems to think its just healing since the spot that lit up is right on the incision site. So, we will be back at the dr. for a CT in Feb. but the dr. told us not to worry about it. He said that if he thought it was anything, hed have him checked right away. I do check in often, even if I dont post. I dont really have any new news, which I think is a good thing. Hope ya'll havent forgotten about me, I surely havent forgotten about you! Jamie
  10. Don, I havent been on the board in such a long time, but I just wanted to tell you that Im so glad to read that its nothing "new". You guys are one of the first I always check on when I do get a minute to get online... Think about you guys all the time.... Jamie
  11. Hi everyone, Let me first say that my Dad is feeling OK with only 2 more Taxtore treatments to go, and were just anxiously awaiting the end of treatment. Nothing big to report, just feeling ok. Not good, not horrible. Next, I just wanted to heads up everyone that Im gonna be taking a break (Ry- I need my first hall pass!). With back to school, soccer pratice, dance class, tumbling, bitty basketball, my own things to do, remodeling the house, etc, etc, I just havent been here at ALL. I do want to say that I think about each and everyone of you EVERY day, and I feel like I want to check in, but just dont have the time... therefore, Im taking a break. Im comin back, but not just yet. I need to handle ALOT of things here. Im gonna be checking posts, but dont have much time to reply. Talk to you all soon... Jamie
  12. Wendy, My dad is only 3 months out of surgery and still has pain and itching and even swelling and air trapped in there. Im not sure how long it lasts, but I hope it goes away soon. I can see how wearing a bra makes it worse... Im sure someone will have answers for you! Good Luck Jamie
  13. Paddy, How scary... you take good care of him! Jamie
  14. My deepest sympathys to you and your family... Jamie
  15. So very sorry for your loss... Jamie
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