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Has anyone had cytoxan & adriamycin for sclc?

dani hobbs

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My sister has returned from her trip because of new lung tumors. Her oncologist wants her to have a central line & then start on a chemo regimen of the above, or Topotecan or Vincristine. The cytoxan (cyclophosphamide) & adriamycin (doxorubicin) seem so harsh, from my research. Has anyone had experience with any of these chemotherapy drugs? Thanks for any comments.

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Guest JasonChang

My father had cytoxan and topotecan one time per a week for his treatment of recurrent sclc. He went along with this regime for about 2 months before progressing. I dont believe he had too much trouble with the regime, it didnt seem to make him tired or make his hair fall out. I'm not sure how well it worked, but side effects wise, he handled it just fine. I am not sure about vincristine or doxorubicin though, sorry I can't help with those two.

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My husband had something like that for 2nd line it was




this was given all in one day every 3 weeks, quick drips and one was a injection into the line, only took 1 hour, he did have to have a mugga scan with it to check his heart, but he didn't have any bad side effects from it, not even any hair loss. It did knock his counts way down and he was always a week or two behind before he could get another chemo dose.

Now he is on the Topotecan, and his platletts went way down after only one dose so he missed the 2nd one already. But Doc feels this is all okay and will lower the dose because of it.

Hope this helps


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Dani, Cytoxan and Adriamycin are usually given in combination with Vincristine (CAV). It is an established second line treatment for small cell lung cancer, nothing wrong with it. There was a randomized study comparing topotecan alone with CAV. This showed both were equal in terms of effectiveness but that there was less toxicity and fewer complications with topotecan so many oncologists use that as a second line therapy. Its sort of whatever your sis' oncologist is most comfortable with, nothing wrong with CAV.

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