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A few things that make me smile ...


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For one, that adorable picture of the dog driving the car in all of Mary Ann's posts -- too cute!!

Back when I had a CT/PET scan after 2 rounds of chemo, the results were remarkable, and such good news that I drove home and immediately went inside to call my mother. She's 91, in really good health, and had been so worried about me through this that I thought it was time she had some good news, so the first thing I did was call her. She was glad of it too, and so was I.

This week, as in other weeks, several people here were having tests and waiting on results, and many of us, myself included, grew impatient waiting on them to get back from their appointments and tell us how things went. It occurred to me that no longer is it allowable to rush home and call your 91 year old mother first -- now, it's required to come here and post your test results first!

You guys are great. Really. What a nice bunch of folks to have come across.

Di :)

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Easter morning a few years ago

I went to the beach to see the sunrise

hundredsof people were there

the sun was rising

it was huge red glowing


hundredths of people but no one said a word

we just watched

the sun rising Easter morning

it was awesome

I felt like falling to my knees in gratitude to see such a sight

thank you God

I will never forget

even when I hurt so bad I doubt you

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I don't know how I would have handled this lung cancer news if it hadn't been for this web site. I think friends and family are waiting for me to think or talk about something besides cancer. Well, it's still too new for me to be able to do that. I come to this web site a few times a day just to read and feel the support, the caring and the feeling of not being alone. I would be a complete mess if I couldn't log on here, or I'd have driven my poor mother crazy calling her 10 times a day :lol:

Thank you all for being here!!


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