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  1. Kaffie

    A Personal Update

    I'm very happy for you, you are too young to spend your life alone. I have to agree with Maryanne, I'm wondering if your Bill may have had a little something to do with your finding this particular person Kathy
  2. This is just wrong, heartbreaking and beyond sad
  3. Congrats on your two year milestone! Your feelings of a mix of fear, happiness and questions are understood by so many here. It has to be the number one bond we all share. Kathy
  4. Kaffie

    five years

    Hey Debi, It's been awhile since we've comminicated and I am so happy to see you are a 5 year survivor!!!!! I have a year to go but the stress gets a little easier with time. I totally understand the guilt, why did God take some of the wonderful people he took and leave me? I have no answers, obviously. I have often wondered that about my dad, such a great man, he lost his battle with this dreaded disease but I have made it four years and counting...I miss him so much. I'm sooooo happy to hear you have let go of most of that fear and are enjoying life Kathy P.S. Sorry about the late response.....great picture, you LOOK happy and healthy!!
  5. Kaffie

    cindi o'h

    Cindi will always have a special place in my heart, when I first joined this forum she was the first person to pm me and help me feel welcome, she always made me laugh. It breaks my heart to think she was alone at the end, no one deserves that
  6. I'm sooooo happy to log on and see this! Totally awesome! Kathy
  7. Kaffie

    3 Years!

    Very very happy for you!!! Kathy
  8. Kaffie

    Scan results

    Fantastic Jamie GOD IS GOOD
  9. Way to go Tiny!! Now you can leave on vacation with a natural "high" Kathy
  10. Ginny, I'm sorry I missed this post... I have to agree that it certainly does NOT seem like three years! I am happy to see that you are doing well and enjoying life, I know it's been a rough ride
  11. filet mignon Well done but not dryed out Lots of salt and garlic with sauteed mushrooms on top Yummy
  12. nyka69, Remember, we were ALL new posters at one time.. This web site and it's members were a God send for me when I was diagnosed. I learned more here than I did from all of my doctors combined. I could come here and post my feelings of anger or fear knowing full well there were sooo many members who had those same feelings and understood exactly what I was saying, but I didn't get that feeling from people at home. How could they? They've never felt it so they can't be blamed. I didn't understand until it happened to me. It also helped me to be able to talk to my kids and mother about other things without dwelling on this topic, without these great people they would have been stuck listening to me and trying to deal with all of my fears and frustrations. That would have been so hard for them since I lost my father to lung cancer four years prior It was hard enough for my mother just going to my chemo sessions and doctor appointments, she didn't need the long talks. Please continue to post whatever feelings you may have that you need help with and anger venting is most definitely a big part of dealing with this ^$&*&+& stuff. Kathy
  13. Please read Jamie's post and then read it again
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