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  1. jang

    Merry Christmas

    I just wanted to take some time out to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I know that I haven't been on the board much lately, with trying to build up my new business and taking care of my family, there just hasn't been much time for posting. I try to get on and read most of the posts though. I know that this has been a hard year for some of you, and just wanted to wish you the best this holiday season! Love you all!!!
  2. Don't believe everything you read on the internet. Research is good...but make sure it's a reliable source. Never give up hope!
  3. jang

    I miss...

    My Dad...it's been 38 years, but I still miss him terribly!
  4. Great pictures....except for the jerseys. I'll have to send you some Redskin jerseys for your next photo session. BTW...aren't we playing you on Sunday???
  5. Carl, Looks like I am in the minority also. But I agree with Debi completely. I was staged 1A and was told there was absolutely no evidence that chemo would be beneficial. I opted to not have it. If I were staged at 1B, I would probably have made a different decision. Good Luck with whatever you decide to do!
  6. Awww..Connie...thanks for missing me! I do check in and read messages when I can, but like Katie said, I have been busy trying to get my new business going. That, and the kids, and the new puppy....well you can imagine...it's been crazy. But I do miss reading ALL the posts, one day I will catch up! Love you all!!
  7. jang


    You cranky? No way!! Hope things are better.
  8. I know I'm a "litte" late...but YEAH! GREAT NEWS PAM!!!!!
  9. Great pictures Katie! I'll post mine one of these days....after I have a chance to download them to the computer
  10. jang

    5 years ago

    Congratulations Bruce and thank you for such a lovely post! I can't wait until I can say that I am "cured" !
  11. jang

    results are in

    Yeah for Stable!!!!
  12. Exercising! I go to the nearest spinning class!
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