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  1. I am so sad to share that another friend from LCSC is gone. Rachel died on June 6, 2008. Here is her obit: http://www.legacy.com/GJSentinel/Obitua ... =111173942 She was a lovely woman. Mendy
  2. Lilly, Thanks for the smile. Boy did you hit Katie's button! That is the most I have seen here write in one posting. I wasn't sure I was going to survive my daughter either. She is going to be five in a couple of weeks and her behavior has improved significantly. We used to battle over snacks (me saying no...dinner is in ten minutes) and shopping used to be bad when I would tell her no (we left halfway through the weekly shopping a couple of times and then sat in the car for 15 minutes while she had a meltdown...couldn't get her into the carseat). My daughter is an absolute delight now and so loving. It does get better. If you can get a friend or family member to take her for a few hours on the weekend so you can rest, I recommend you do it. Hang in there. Mendy
  3. Mitch, I am proud of you. It takes a lot of courage to undergo an elective surgery. Best of luck and I hope you have great results. Mendy
  4. We are fine. We live about 40 miles north of Atlanta. Sat. was pretty scary in northern Georgia. One storm after another. There was a tornado producing storm that went right by the library I work at...fortunatley everyone was ok. The hail from that storm was almost 3 inch hail and just skirted by our house. I did have our kids in the closet for a few minutes. The storms in Maryland were not quite this scary. I hope everyone around Atlanta are ok. Mendy
  5. Mendy

    I am so excited

    What a wonderful report! You sound like you have the nicest gp. How fortunate for you. Congratulations! Mendy
  6. Mendy

    Nothing Found

    What exciting reports! I hope you are able to relax and enjoy life with your family. Congrats! Mendy
  7. Mendy


    My husband has asked me post this query. 1. Has anyone lost their job due to cancer related issues? 2. If you lost your job, did you face discrimination in trying to obtain employment? 3. If you were discriminated against, how did you overcome it? TIA Mendy
  8. Mendy

    She's here

    Nick, Congratulations! Welcome to parenthood. I love your daughter's name. She sounds perfect. Mendy
  9. Mendy

    What do YOU do...?

    I clean a room and then read a few pages of a fiction book to escape and I usually feel much better. Tickling my kids is always uplifting-I love their innocent laughs. I have a friend who likes to go shopping and buy something to give to a friend out of the blue. She feels much better when she brightens someone elses day. Mendy
  10. MM, I was in your shoes not too long ago and told my husband I would support him no matter what he decided. He was lucky to be a surgical candidate. I reminded him that his best shot at beating it and being around to help raise our children was surgery. My husband has COPD and quite a bit of lung damage but his pulmonary function was good enough to withstand losing a lobe. He recently had surgery on his other lung (yes another thoracotomy-matching scars) and it has been challanging but he is doing ok. He did have radiation and chemo after his surgery. The good news is that this June will be 2 years from the original diagnosis and his last scans in Oct. were clean. I know this is a difficult position to be in. He needs to trust his doctor (especially the surgeon). They won't operate if they think it will make him worse. They want to give him the best chance for a cure. Feel free to pm me if you need to talk. Mendy
  11. Barb, My husband saw this show and like it enough to tell me that I needed to watch it as well. Mendy
  12. Randy, Thanks for sharing your post from the past. Deb was such a lucky woman to have you. I am glad you have stayed her to help guide the rest of us following a similar path. Mendy
  13. Barb, I didn't see the show but wanted to share that my husband got a juicer last fall during his chemo treatments. There are certain vegetables like brocoli that he can't eat (bad childhood memories) but he can juice it with carrots and apples and has no trouble drinking it. Juicing can be a much easier way to get those much needed nutrients. We also make smoothies for the kids. A little bit of icecream and they don't realize they are drinking fruits that we often can't get them to eat. Glad you discovered how much fun a smoothie can be. Mendy
  14. What a relief to read this good news! Thank you for keeping us updated. Connie is an amazing woman! Mendy
  15. I strongly support your decision. If there is a chance that cancer cells could be floating around, it is better to be safe and have no regrets. Mendy
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