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  1. I am glad to here from you. You and Julia are staying in my thoughts and prayers.
  2. I sent a PM about 5 days and have heard anything. My prayers and thoughts are with them.
  3. Heather_T

    New Game

    Yep and I will never do that again!!! Prefer PC or Laptop?
  4. Grateful that Jackie is back!!!
  5. My thoughts and prayers go out to there family and friends
  6. Grapes for my new Juicer. I am going start easting better.
  7. I am so glad the surgery over and now she can start her recovery. Many prayers!
  8. Heather_T

    THe Pub

    (((((Randy))))) Happy Birthday Debbie
  9. Heather_T

    Special Request

    I hope it's not late for a big ((((((((J.C.))))))))
  10. Congrats on 3 years and many many many more!!!!
  11. This does suck!!! I thought the same thing with me. After finishing my Chemo in Mar 29, then had my left lung removed on May 29 and thought we were cancer free. Well in August found out I had a brain met. Did the radiation, steroids that I HATE and then was very lucky and was to have the brain tumor removed 3 weeks ago. I sound pretty much exactly Liz did with WBR and I did have the ringing also Pup but it does get better. We have to fight. I never feel like I am losing the battle I will always be kicking the "CANCERS" A**. I will keep you in my thoughts.
  12. When does the hair grow back after WBR? It will be in 3 months on Dec. 18. After chemo it started growing back after 2 months. How long did it take your hair to grow after WBR?
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