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cindi o'h

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cindi NSCLC age 46 at dx

dx 11/02

stage lllb

2 tumours U/R lobe

mets to bilateral paratracheal lymph nodes

no distant metastases

Mediastinoscopy helped to determine extent of disease. Began aggressive curative treatment:

Started right away on 8 weeks of daily radiation to lung and esophageal lymph nodes along with weekly taxol and carboplatin.

Some side effects, but doctor claimed that I handled the treatments "remarkably well".

Then 3 cycles taxotere.

I went ice fishing through the whole treatment... Every chance I got. I never talked to God and he never talked to me. But He listened to me and I listened to Him. We had a thing going on. It was good.

5/03 no evidence of disease present

11/03 heart attack. stent.

8/04 no evidence of disease present

9/04 another stent.

10/04 "funny stuff" on last CT. Will have another CT on 10/18 to monitor for changes.

Very grateful to be alive. One handsome brother passed away from NSCLC at age 37. My other handsome brother passed away from SCLC at age 42.

Does this mean you'll get rid of the "funny stuff"???

Good news is always SOOOO welcome! You go, Girl!

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