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Guest renet

I've just got my first chemo treatment today. It took about 4 1/2 hours but wasn't too bad. I've got a great doctor and that helps. I'm not sure what to expect from the chemo. I've read books etc but I know everyone is different. So, I've decided just to take it a day at a time.

I'm going to beat this cancer. I'm 47 and never smoked. It's non small cell brochialcarconoma. Chemo is my only treatment. I'm told it's a classic case. Just want you want to hear!

Anyway, I've seen some things about chinese tea to help with the chemo effects. Does anyone have some advice about teas etc. I know the nutrients are a big player and I want to be able to eat to keep up my strength.

Thanks for any help and support. It will be returned!

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Hi Renet,

Welcome, you will find there are great people that are in this forum. I joined in May and everyone I have talked to has been really helpful about almost anything you ask. As far as tea, I have been told that OJIBWA tea is supposed to be good for cancer. You should ask your doctor first about it before you take anything, it could make a difference on how your chemo reacts to different supplements and vitamins.

What type of Chemo are you receiving and what is the stage. If it is too personal and you would rather not say, that's ok, I apologize.

We will beat this. We are here to support and share experiences and new information.

Lots of Hugs (((((((((Renet)))))))))


Dx, 3-03, NSC Bronc, IIIa-b

Chemo 4-01-03 to 5-20-03 Carbo & Taxol

Radiation 3-25 to 5-15-03

2nd Opinion UCLA 6-9-03, third opinion 6-27-03 City of Hope

Onc says more Chemo to start Mid July?????? (Not sure what kind)

No PET yet, only one CT, shows tumor shrunk 60%

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as i am Chinese who live in HOng Kong, I may understand the Chinese Herbal Tea concept more, the rationale behind is :

Herbal Tea customized Recipe is formulated by the Chinese Herbalist after meeting you and evaluating your health condition by evaluating your pulse rate and tongue. The logic is these are reflecting your inner health system & condition. Their concept is to balance/justify your inner self-system so as to maintain the size of tumor (not kill the cancerous cell by the tea directly). The Concept behind is, this is possible for human to live with the tumor by stopping its growth & spread.

sorry for I don't know where you can find a trustful Chinese Herbalist in your area. But, you should find a nearby qualified & experienced Herbalist because they need to meet you frequently to formulate the appropriate combination of different ingredients for you. Everyone is different that you cannot take others' formula as yours (even same person, everytime the combination of ingredients is different.)

The Chinese Herbal Cure has a long long history and the experiences & knowledges as well as the wisdom are accumulated by previous herbalists over thousands of years. Even for myself, this is not easily understandable, you should not treat it as the only way of treatment but the complimentary.

Hope this help. :wink:

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Guest pepperpike

Welcome to the site. I joined a few weeks ago and have found everyone most helpful. I've had several chemo sessions and my only side effect was fatigue. When I complained the doctor asked if I was coughing up blood, throwing up, having bowel problems etc..... I said no and he said "just deal with the fatigue." I was lucky. I eventually became allergic to carboplatin....but all in all I handled it just fine. I think the advice on finding a reputable Chinese herbalist is a good idea...even if you have to travel a bit. Keep in touch....

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