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yesterday I bought 3 books from Amazon and hope they will be arrived very soon. I can't wait.

Do some of you read these before ?

1) Psychic Gifts in the Christian Life : Tools to connect

2) Father Loss

3) Fatherless Women: How We Change After We Lose Our Dads

Or any other books are good for me? Any suggestions? I can't find this kind of books in local bookstores.

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Berisa, I don't have any book suggestions, but I wanted to say Hi and say it was good to see you post. I hope things are going well for you, I am sure your Dads loss is still very very tough. My Dad has not been doing well at all and it is really hard to watch and not be able to "fix" anything and make it better. Just know I think of you often. Love, Sharon

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Hi Franklamb, thanks for the hello!!

I am very busy in daytime working. Bit stressful and exhausted.

Finding a way to relax. Just stick to the board with a special feeling of being connected to all of you.

Miss my dad and hope he gives me signs regularly to let me know that he is around me always. Wondering what's he doing, where is he now....etc.

Hope you are doing excellent and enjoying your life very much. :)

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