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To Dr. Joe


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I just wanted to thank you for answering so many questions for so many people. I know your thoughts and feelings on various topic are much appreciated by everyone here. To reach out to persons who are not your patients is a great testament to your character and desire to help people.

Sorry to read your post (on the SCLC board) about being fired by a patient for a bad scan/recurrence. Unfortunately technology will never be perfect. It sucks for all involved. It is human nature to assign blame whether deserved or not. This is EXACTLY the reason why I chose not to become a doctor and instead chose to concentrate strictly on research. I'm definitely not trying to defend all doctors, but incompetence/ignorance/cruelty in general knows all forms, doctors, lawyers, car mechanics, etc. Unfortunately natural selection works too slow to weed these people out of the gene pool. But we appreciate you!!

When I'm finished with my masters degree I will be continuing on for a PhD at the University of Minnesota. If your still around that area, I'd like to buy you a beer...or a coffee....smoothie....soy shake...wheat grass juice...........

Thanks again,


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Dear Kitkathi,

I just want to say, thank you for sharing your kind words regarding Dr. Joe. You hit the nail right on the head when you said "Technology is not perfect" How well we know!! Things can be clean and clear one day, and the next day your life is upside down. But, nothing is 100%!

And your other comment "It is human nature to assign blame whether deserved or not" Well, you said mouth full there too! I'm going to say, we Lung Cancer Survivors live that blame game for the rest of our lives once we're dx.d. People that don't smoke don't deserve lung cancer, but people that do, DO????? Life isn't always fair!

Dr Joe, your doing a wonderful job! Your never ever going to please everyone! It's the nature of the beast!!! Did you want that magic wand??? Oh if only it could work that way! Hang in there!

I'm so grateful to have wonderful doctor's!

When you come to Minnesota, don't forget I live here too! The U of M isn't all that far from me. :wink:

Love & Hugs,


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YEP, I know about those days only tooooooo well! As for the wand and crystal ball, you're going to have to get in line. (It's a lONNNNNG LINE) I think there is only one going around and I have NO CLUE where the devil it is now! :P:roll:

Glad to hear your feeling better. Goes to show your only human. We try and do our best and that's all we can do! I'm sure your very good at what you do, and I'm sure your patients LOVE YOU! Heck we hardly know you here, and we all LOVE YOU!!!! :wink: (((((DR. JOE))))

It's Another Great Day to Be Alive! Thanks for helping us to do that! Don't know where any of us would be without our Onc Doc's! (okay, yes I know where we would be)! :roll:

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