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Love that Spongebob Squarepants


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Probably would need to have kids or grand kids to get it. Its a relatively new Nick cartoon that is hilarious.

I often watch it even when my kiddo isnt around because its so funny.

Just thought some would get a kick out of it...

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rick, my favorite episode is when Patrick convinces Spongebob to go to the "carnival" with him...and when they get there they are the only ones there, and Spongebob dosn't understand why...then the camera pans out and you see a bunch of fish hooks dangeling down, and Patrick gets on one and takes a "ride" up and then jumps off...THAT ONE CRACKED ME UP!!! It made a huge spongebob fan out of me, although I am STILL in withdrawl on Thursday nights at 9pm channel 4-I MISS SEINFELD SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! Take care, Deb

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I love Seinfeld too. My favorite Spongebob is when Patricks parents come to visit and Spongebob is supposed to act stupid so Patrick will look smart to his parents, but at the end the 2 were not his parents at all.

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I was teasing you, couldn't you tell from my tone of voice? LOL

I even went to the link you have and listened to the theme song. I have heard it many times at my house but I didn't know what they were saying. I thought they were saying sponge bob square pads. Why does he need square pants? LOL

We also love Seinfeld here. It is one show that crosses all of our generations, 14-42 yo. It's not dinner time without it!! We have matched them so many times we could act in the show! I will have to check my listings for when sponge bob is on so I can become more familiar with his antics. My 14 yo lives on Nick TV when we let her.

Keep Smiling :P , Shelly

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I am almost 40 and still sit and watch it all the time as well.. Spongebob is the greatest!!

Jay, I hope you get feeling better physically and mentally!!!

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