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Boy I can't tell you much about this one. I'm assuming this is a Phase 1 trial? I don't really understand nanoparticles, my impression is that they are a type of synthetic vector to introduce a gene like P53 tumor suppressor into someone with cancer. I've not seen any human trials reported with this so I really can't tell you much. I'm assuming this is really experimental so as always read the fine print.

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I searched http://clinicaltrials.gov and found this link to a trial at Sloan-Kettering:


and this one that appears to be only at NIH (Maryland):


Nothing came up at M.D. Anderson.

Both trials refer to a nanoparticle formulation of paclitaxel. At the bottom of the pages linked above is contact information for the trials.

- Teresa

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Thanks Joe and Teresa. We heard back from MD Anderson today--the Gene Therapy Cancer Research Program. They are sending information for us to look at while Charlie is going through treatment with Alimta.

You'll hit it pretty close based on my lay research. The nanoparticles are a new way of delivering lots of different things including chemo. drugs, gene materials, imaging materials to help see smaller tumors by MRI/CT, asthma medication, etc. Sounds very promising. Tests using the gene therapy in mice have been very promising and it is in Phase I trials. The use of Taxol in nanoparticles is also in trials. Thanks again for your help. I'll let you know what else we find out along the way over the next few months. Take care.

P. S. It is so awesome having you'll here for us to talk to.


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