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I was supposed to have PFTs done on Friday, but when I went I was running a fever and coughing so they wouldn't do them.

Since my SOB has gotten so much worse lately, and my tumor likely started in the right main bronchus, could a PFT tell specifically that there was more blockage there?

I guess a better question would be, can PFTs spot a focal obstruction?

Thanks again for your time.

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Good, because I told the medical director today I didn't care if I never had another PFT unless there was a good reason--until I get a Cat Scan and other scans. I told her the PCP should give me a reason she was ordering something. If the tumor hasn't grown much as per the Chest xrays then maybe its growing in the airway, and the only tests I would do are tests to find out if that is the case.


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John, I wondered the same thing, since I am hearing "crackles" in the morning and at some other times--this had been going on for several months. However, neither the August xray nor the recent one showed any areas of collapse--assuming I can trust anyone here to read a chest xray.

I don't know what is causing the crackles. I don't know what is causing the increase in SOB. The only thing I can figure out is that the bronchus is increasingly more blocked.

But that's the worst part, I have had to "guess" what is going on since no one has ever told me why I have crackles other than look at me like well you have lung cancer and the same thing goes for why I am more SOB.

Two weeks ago, I basically had to beg for them to check sats with an oximeter--and at rest it was 95 per cent. I thought they did those after exertion too, but I guess not since the nurse ran out of the room directly after telling me I was within "normal range"---

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Yes in October almost two months after things noticably got worse. I have never had obsructive pneumonia that I know of and no effusions have ever been noted.

The only other thing I have noted since about that time is what Bill (on the board) and I have called involuntary gasps. His wife's drs said that those happen because of a mass hitting the diaphram (sp) while I was told it had to do with obstruction. My original and as far as I know only tumor is not near the diaphram. I don't have a clue which is right and maybe both are right. Seems doubtful to me.

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