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Fay A.

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Fay and Andrea,

Thanks so much. Fay, I totally understand. I really enjoyed talking to you. I hope all is ok. Andrea, yes I am looking for a new place for PET scans. I am scheduled for a PET tomorrow of the head at the City of Hope( I cancelled.) I am not a happy camper with them right now. As Fay said they are a Nationally known Cancer Institute, hospital and my doctor can't even intrepret scans. He can't tell what is going on in my head. If it's CA back or Necrosis....

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, we have so much to be thankful...

Love Ya Karen

PS - Fay was busy cooking while I was talking to her, I was so impressed that she has so much energy. Fay, Lady You are an inspiration to me. I have so much admiration and respect for you and all that you have endured...

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Are you still with the HMO or can you go anywhere? I cannot even emphasize enough how wonderful they are to my mom at Newport Imaging. She is always greeted, now even by name. A few months ago my dad had to get a bone scan as a precaution b/c something showed up on an MRI for shoulder pain and the PET tech recognized my parents and was all concerned that they could both have cancer and went over and talked to my mom and asked why he was getting tested (it was a false alarm for my dad).

Also have the most awesome bestest greatest oncologist at Hoag and pulmonologist at Hoag if you need since it is fairly close to you. Dr. Neil Barth, the oncologist, is just so wonderful and his staff is super super super nice. My dad even told the doctor that my mom perks up just visiting with them all :)

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