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Too many people with cancer


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There are too many people in the world who have cancer. :cry:

I've noticed since I first started treatment in June of 2004 that the waiting rooms at the Oncologist's office, Radiation Oncologists's office, and the Cancer Center are way too full. Today at the Radiation Oncologist's office, there was a new crop of people from when I was there in August, and the place was more crowded this morning than it was in July/August when I was there every day.

One man had cancer in his mouth. Ick. In his mid 50s. Another in his mid 30s had a strange tumor in his abdomen that is typically seen in children (Ewing's sarcoma). And there were more, and more coming off the elevator when I was leaving.

Every time I read here about someone who needs thoughts and prayers, I think of these people I see and how they need them too. I bet you all notice them too, huh.


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I agree that there are way too many people being afflicted with cancer - I will point out that there are more and more survivors too! I try to focus on the people with the survival stories, it gives me hope. Maybe I am not being realistic all of the time, but I feel if I concentrate on the positive I feel more positive too.

New drugs, discoveries and potential cures seem to hit the news daily (thank goodness).

Prayers for us all,


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It is amazing how many people have cancer! Honestly I never thought about it before dx. I would see someone with no hair or a scarf and think how sad. Little did I know that I would soon be one of "those" people!

Don't care much about the hair, I walk around bald and proud! But have noticed all the people in the doctor's office. Didn't see about a couple who were my age, don't wish cancer on anyone but would like to see more people my age. That's kinda sick isn't it! :?

We just all need to stick together. The more I talk to people the more I find that everyone has a friend or family member that has cancer. Guess everyone thinks they can talk to me since I walk around bald! haha

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Another reason there are so many people with cancer is the improvements we have made throughout the rest of our healthcare. How many diseases have been eradicated in the last 100 years? Smallpox is gone. Polio is gone. The flu is barely life threatening compared to a century ago. We have made great strides to prevent heart attacks and strokes, and to keep people alive after their occurences. So more people are living long enough to get cancer. Now we need to concentrate our health care efforts to do unto cancer what we did unto smallpox and the like. But there is at least one non-depressing reason why more people have cancer.


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