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PCI - One day at a time. (Day 2)


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That *bleepin* mask - aarrgghh! I figure by the time these treatments are over, I will have the hang of it and it won't bother me, then time to stop. ha.

One of the techs actually talked to me a little more this morning, mostly because I went in there blazin', and started talking and asking questions, and showed him no mercy. He had no choice but to talk back or to look like a fool. Anyway, I asked him if they have ever had patients with rings in their noses and eyebrows who had to undo all that for the mask. They'd never seen it, and it got them to talking about some of their more memorable cases. Aha -- I knew they could loosen up and talk a little if they just got a little nudge! 8)

This morning, I examined the apparatus that they use to fasten down the mask. Of course, I envision something like that old Stephen King story happening where the machines decide to take over. The big radiation machine would just keep going around and around, trying to fry me, while I was clamped down and couldn't escape with my head intact. :shock: So, today I made sure I knew what the clamps looked like so I could reach back and undo the thing and make my escape! :P (Seriously, I wonder if they realize how daunting those big machines can appear to a lay person? In a former life, I worked in a radiology department, so I'm used to them, but I can see how they would be intimidating to someone seeing them for the first time. Having techs that won't talk them through it certainly won't help either.)

I think I figured out about the odor that some experience, except that this morning, I noticed it more as a taste than a smell. Taste & smell are SO intertwined, that it's probably the same thing, but just came across to me as a taste rather than an odor.

24 hours later, and I don't appear to be growing a 2nd head, hair feels intact, no headaches or anything strange to report, and I don't think I glow in the dark. Not yet anyway. :P I still feel great, and am thoroughly enjoying this one beautiful sunny day before it starts raining again. Ugh.

Just wait. When this is all done, maybe you'll all see me and Addie on Jeopardy, trying to break that Ken guy's winning streak while exercising our fried brains!


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I did ask about the blinking purple and blue lights and they told me that is just my brain reacting to the radiation - there are no lights in the room (weird). I also got the smell but only after the first week or so, it wasn't bad.

I really had a hard time being tied down and wondering if the machine might just keep going and fry my brain before they could get to me. I didn't even think about a means of escape - good for you. They did reassure me that the computers wouldn't let the machine do that - easy for them to say.

My hair did like Addie's - the little tuft at the back where the radiation didn't go. I was told yesterday that it should start coming back in in a couple of months. Won't be too soon for me.

Well, good luck to you with the rest of your treatments. We will survive this.

Love and hugs,

Nancy B

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Thanks for your posts. I will have to do it soon. I wonder if we all get the same amount of "juice" for PCI? I wonder if it's different amounts, if that is why some people have side effects and some don't. I have noticed some do more treatments than other's.

Thanks again for the updates.


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Of course I'm late.......but you mentioned the machine taking over and zapping you!

I had the same fear all through radiation! Only I was thinking of Logan's Run when the machine goes out of control. I was so stressed by it I finally told the technician my thoughts. He laughed and thought it was funny.

Of course I was also trying to distract myself from the fact that for 33 days I would be naked from the waist up, on the table with strange man standing beside me. :roll:

Logun's Run and the machine going crazy....thought I was the only one who thought of things like that. Nice to know I'm not alone! :D

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Elaine -- I'm happy to do it. It's been discussed here since I've been around this forum, and I had so many questions and got so many wonderful responses that I thought it would be nice to share some of that. New people come here, and if they can read about it beforehand, I think it helps -- it sure helped me.

As to the machines and nudity, (ahem) :shock:

I am an avid fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Yes, even at my age! :wink:

I'd never seen it until the last few seasons, so watched it every chance i got to catch up. Now, I have it all on DVD so can watch it any time.

When it first occurred to me that I was destined for many scans and tests, I started using that show and the characters when I'd visualize my way through the tests. It was like I had my own personal Scooby gang (the name of Buffy's buddy/helpers for those of you who haven't seen it!) inside me helping the chemo and radiation fight off the evil cancer cells!

I'm going to mention this machine thing to the Rad. Onc. when I see him tomorrow. I used to work in a Radiology Dept. (in another lifetime) and was accustomed to the huge machinery, but I bet there are a lot of people out there who really freak the first time they see it, and then think it's going to be used on them! Yikes!! :shock: If they have techs who don't talk them through it, it can be really scary -- including the being naked part. :oops:

Nice to see that I've not yet lost my marbles and that there are others out there with the same thoughts! (Or, maybe we've all lost our marbles together!)


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