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started treatment cisplatin,platinol,vepesid,vp-16-radiation

wanda k

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I was staged at limited sclc on Monday, 4x3 cn. mass encasing the bronchial tube upper right lobe, lymphnode enlarge 2x1.5 cn. on trichea and metasis to the lower right lobe 1x2 cn.

started first round of chemo wed, will have treatment 3 days and off 3 weeks. will recieve 4500 rads of radiation 30 days to the lung and then 15 treatments of pci. Has any one else had this same treatment?

Feeling a little tired but not sick, taking kytril, ativan and decradon.

Thank you to all who acknowledged my first post to welcome me to the group, I agree it is not good place to be, but nice to know there are people who care and are going through or have already been through this horrible disease.

I feel so much better hearing of all the survivors.

hope,prayers and miracles to us all. :) [/img]


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Hi Wanda....

I just finished 13 days of PCI three weeks ago. I was dx'd small cell limited in early May. Had 6 cycles of chemo (same as you...three days of infusions, then three weeks off) with carboplatin and vp-16 (etoposide). Had 31 days of lung radiation concurrent with the chemo. I had one very small "patchy infiltrate" of 1.5 cm that they think was the primary...and also some enlarged lymph nodes in the mediastinum (between the lungs).

As of October 6th...I was deemed clear....No Evidence of Disease or NED as we like to call it. :wink:

Your treatment protocol sounds like the norm. My onc told me this protocol is used because it works! The number of radiation treatments might vary and sometimes even the number of chemo cycles...but not by too much. Sometimes it depends too, on how well a person is tolerating the treatment.

I found all of it not too terrible! :) I tend not to be too reactive to medical stuff (ie: fairly high pain tolerance and a tendancy to stay optimistic) so treatment really wasn't too bad for me. Of course, as I sit here saying that, I'm bald as a billiard ball and have put on 10 lbs I wish I didn't have....but hey, it all still beats the alternative, eh? :wink:

Glad you found this place. There are a lot of survivors here....and many who've beaten the odds and outlived the predictions. Hey...every morning that we all wake up...we've survived another day!

You'll probably experience even more fatigue during radiation...and may have some skin issues. But don't fight the tireds. When you are tired...rest. Your body will let you know.

Somebody here has probably experienced exactly what you will...so when you have questions, just come and ask them. And don't be afraid to use the meds provided for nausea, etc. because it's easier to STOP the nausea before it starts...than to get rid of it once you feel yukky!

I'm a little forgetful these days following the PCI....but then my hubby is getting forgetful too and he hasn't got any excuse...you know? :roll:

Hope some of this info helps...or gives you an idea of what's ahead AND that you're not alone! You'll do fine. You've got us now too, to help! :wink:

Keep us posted...ok?

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Hi, Wanda, sounds like you are off to a good start. My husband took the same treatment as you, Cisplatin, VP-16, and concurrent radiation for his first 2 rounds of chemo, see profile below. At the time people told me this plan was quite aggressive, which is a good thing. He didn't have the pci though. It was the beginning of this year so memories fade a bit but it did help him a great deal. As for the treatment, he took the same meds as you, he only got nausea one time and not too bad. He also took a stool softener which he really needed, so you might ask about that. We got a medicine tray and counted out the meds a few days at a time, that helped, too, didn't have to remember. He was extremely fatigued throughout. What stands out big in my memory was the two days each cycle when he was on an IV for 9 hours. We packed a cooler, took books, and then things were so new we did a good bit of looking and listening. Best of luck, write again and let us know how you are doing. Margaret

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Wanda -- good to hear you are jumping into the treatment with both feet.

I'm about 1/3 done with PCI right now, and will go into the every 3 month checkup stage in January.

It's not the easiest thing you'll ever do in your life, but it's proactive and SCLC reacts well to chemo/radiation combo from what I've learned.

Will keep you in my thoughts -- let us know how it goes for you, ok?


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