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The Holidays


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It's been 2 months since Mom has been gone, and Dad is really having a hard time right now. He is panicing about Christmas and buying presents for everyone. Mom always did ALL the shopping and decorating. He misses her SO much. He just started bawling on the phone yesterday because he doesn't know what he's going to do about presents. I told him that he didn't have to get anybody anything, and he just told me to not be rediculous! Then my sister gave him the news that she is now engaged, and Dad started crying about that and that he wished mom could be here to see her get married. I told him she will be there , that she'll probably trip Cindy as she goes down the isle just to make sure she knows she is there! It's hard on everyone this Christmas, I mean EVERYONE. I have been telling myself that we have to remember our loved ones and how they would want us to be happy this season. They are the lucky ones, they're spending the day, our Savior's birthday, with him. That would have to be so much greater than being here. We are all here for what is just a moment in time, and we have to make every second count. Their jobs,or purposes if you will, were done here, and they went to their rewards, to sit beside Jesus. It's just a matter of time before we get ours. No one knows when that will be, could be tomorrow, could be 70 yrs. from now, the point is to LIVE, for them and ourselves! So, on Christmas Day I'm going to BE happy and Be greatful for everything I have been blessed with in my life, for it has been a truely blessed one. I'll say a prayer for everyone here, and for those we have lost, and that we all can truely LIVE till our time comes.

I guess this is my Christmas card to everyone here. God has made us all strong, and we WILL go on.

God Bless everyone this holiday season, and remember our loved ones stand with angels rejoicing over the birth of our savior on that wonderful day, and over us for they know now the glorious reward we will receive when it is our time to be with the Lord, and them.

Happy Holidays to all,

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Thank you for the beautiful words. You are so right about our loved ones who are no longer here. I have had the blahs missing my Dad so much this year and my spirits have been lifted since reading your post. Blessings to you, your Dad and your family this holiday season.


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