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paralyzed diaphram

cindi o'h

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Dr. Joe,

I switched pulmonologists....finally. This one thinks that my diaphram may be paralyzed. Radiographically, she said, it sits high and is squishing my radiated lung. She is setting me up for a "sniff test".

What causes a paralyzed diaphram?

Thanks, Joe.

ps...this doc is at the U.. got a very thorough interview, tests ordered and set, and follow up set for 3 weeks. Opposite of other pulm. (lots of stuff going on with my lung, she said)

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The phrenic nerve controls the diaphram.

If there is some compression of this nerve it can cause diaphragmatic paralysis.

Is the paralysis on one side or both sides?

The causes can be tumor compression, lessions adjacent to a phrenic nerve, trauma caused by thoracic surgery or unknown (idiopathic),

peripheral neuropathy, herpes zoster, infection

Dr Joe can provide better info.

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John, she said that the compression is right sided. My right lung is where the primary and secondary tumors "were". I wasn't a candidate for surgery.

I did have shingles a year ago but as far as I could tell it followed the S-I nerve down the buttocks and left leg.

What branch does the phrenic nerve follow?

thanks for your response. Cindi

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The nerve starts in the neck (C3-C5) (Brachial Plexus)

(I believe it follows down through the chest to the diaphram.) There is a right and left phrenic nerve

From what your last post said about the fibrosis *maybe* there is compression due to the inflammation in the lungs. (just a guess)

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A paralyzed diaphragm is a fairly common lung cancer complication, occurs more frequently on the left side because of the course of the phrenic nerve on that side. The nerve injury could have been caused by the cancer itself or by the radiation. Unfortunately there is really not anything that can be done to fix it. Fortunately, although it may cause some shortness of breath it is not "serious" (as in life threatening).

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