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My wife had a Cat Scan 12/29/04 and it showed significant shrinkage in her tumor, but 6 spots were seen on her lungs. They are very tiny but Dr wouldn't speculate on what they could be. My wife has finished 4 rounds of chemo and 35 days of radiation. She has been beaten up by this. The Dr wants to let her heal for two months, do another Cat Scan and take it from there. She originally was due for 6 rounds of chemo. Can anyone tell me what is happening here?

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Chemo and radiation take a toll on the body, particularly if done together. I think it is prudent of her onc to give her a break to recover. Unfortunately, chemo can take care of some tumors while others grow. This has happened to my wife several times. Since the small tumors appeared, your onc probably wants to consider another approach. It sounds like a good plan. Be sure and ask her onc these questions as well. Sounds like she is in good hands. Best to you both. Don

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Hi Denn and WELCOME!

Boy, we just love those words "significant shrinkage". WOOHOO! I know it's easier said than done, but I would try no to worry too much about those tiny white spots. They could be blood vessels or even granulomas (a very common condition seen in lungs, particularly in the midwest).

Just wanted to say welcome, and let you know that I'm thrilled to hear that you wife had shrinkage to her tumor.

God bless you and your wife,


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