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Cold Turkey??


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Last night I caught a TV show called cold Turkey. I don't normally watch Tv but it was one of those nights where I was flipping the channels. i don't know if this is a weekly thing or a one shot deal but the show involved a group of people (various age, sex) and they talked to them about smoking and it's effects etc. It was like a "scared straight" kinda thing. The show was quite facinating... They had the group do TaeBo with Billy banks and then rated how short of breath they were... I don't smoke and I never have so I could see why some people might be put off by the whole thing but it was very interesting to me. The main reason I brought this up si because the group went to a hospital and talked with a surgeon. He showed the group x-rays of a patient that had LC and showed them on the x-ray about tumors and talked to them about lung removal. He then took them into an operating room This is where my ears perked up.... I am constantly plagued by the "is my cancer back because my chest hurts" routine that runs in my head. Well this surgeon had a skeleton lying on the table and showed the group what they do to do surgery and/or remove a lung. the TOOLS they stick in your chest!!! He showed how tough it is to break the ribs and the thing they used to do it. Then they showed you the rib spreader and how big the crank is how far they have to spread the ribs!!! The surgeon said he spreads them till he can get both his hands in and move them around comfortably. The surgeon told the students that if you have the surgery and even if it is successful you will ALWAYS have pain from it. Do to the nature of what they need to do. I know that they probably pumped it but it answered a lot of questions for me about what they did to me in that operating room. I had it done 3 times... They finished by showing a lung damaged from radiation and smoking.

Sorry to go on and on but I may relax just a tiny bit now knowing what my body's gone through..

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Wow; how interesting.....Id like to see that, what they did to me too...(I think). Ive heard the surgery described roughly, but to see a detailed demo would be very informative.

Ill keep my eyes open for that show, and thanx for posting that for us...Take care...Rich B.

Also; it might help decrease the numbers of us fools who smoke..hope so.

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Hi Tami,

Hopefully they will show this again. Would love to watch it and tape it. I would love for my daughter to see it. She and her husband still smoke. They have four little boys. I have told her several times that she should stop smoking for herself and the boys but all she ever says is she knows.

Best Wishes,


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I don't know what state you live in or if you have cable. Try to find out

what channel (call letters) and let me know. Maybe if it was on cable we

can check it out another time when it's on. Since they usually repeat things. Thanks.

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Saw an episode; it appears this show is just another "reality" concoction, running for some weeks, I suppose. Nevertheless, if they repeat the first episode with the description of a thoracotomy, Id like to see it . If anyone gets wind of a repeat performance....would u pls post to alert us to tape it? Thx...take care...Rich B.

Im speaking of "Cold Turkey" show, of course...

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