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Darn it!

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So I've flown home to be with mom for a few days. I was feeling relatively healthy last week and then this weekend I started feeling coldy. She has her first chemo treatment today. Since this all began I've wanted to be with her for that, and now I'm sick and can't go with her. Not only that but I feel absolutely awful and horribly guilty for being sick and exposing her to whatever crud it is I have especially just as she starts her chemo. So far she seems to have not gotten it. I'm PRAYING she won't (and washing my hands a million times and avoiding the rooms that she's in and overall trying not to breathe in her direction. And I came here to see her!). This was also my chance to meet her doctor which is something I've really wanted to do.

I know I couldn't see this coming, but it is just so frustrating and disappointing. And I just feel so guilty. :( That's all....

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Please don't blame yourself, how were you to know you were getting a cold. You are doing all the right things and I am sure your Mom will be alright. The same thing happened when my daughter came to visit her Dad, she picked up a cold on the plane. She did exactlly what you are doing and he never did get it.

The quote at the end of your post took me way back into my childhood.

My mother used to have the same quote on a picture in our house in England. When my Mom died it was passed on to me but it vanished when we moved from that house later on. I miss that picture. Paddy

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Go to Walgreens and get some face masks that will cover your nose and mouth so that you can be around your mom. Most of the patients that I see at MD Anderson this time of year wear them to protect themselves against all those bugs going around while they are on chemo and their immunities are lowered.

Enjoy your visit w/your mom and hoping that she tolerates the chemo w/minimal side effects.


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I didn't go... as much for me as for her. I figured I'd be doing her a favor by taking it easy and getting better quicker... and me too, so I took a rest. We've been wearing masks around here, and Curell and Clorox Wipes people are going to be grateful for our business! So far mom hasn't seemed to come down with this crud.

So far, things are ok with this first round of chemo. I know a lot of people have mentioned side effects not starting for a few days, so we're still in wait and see mode.

I am on in the mend, and have gotten some anti-biotics... hopefully I will be feeling better tomorrow or Thursday. They're my last days here and I want them to be good ones!

Thank you all for your advice and for indulging in me in my whine over such a small thing.

Paddy--that quote means so much to me. :) I'm glad I've found someone else who loves it so much. Somehow when I get to anxious about the 'what-ifs' it helps me get my head on straight again.

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