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why oh why

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She PM'd me with a pretty specific suggestion regarding a potential dental problem that could be causing my sinus infections - I went to the dentist this morning, and she was right.

They did an xray, and the tooth directly below the cyst in the sinus cavity has infected roots, the roots go into the lining of the sinus cavity, and that is what caused the cyst, which is causing my sinus infections.

I get a root canal next Wednesday and I'm sure my sinus problems will be solved once and for all!

I stumped the hospital radiologist who read the CT scan, my family doctor, and the ENT doctor.

How come none of them can see the big picture?

YIPEE I am the first person in the history of my dentist's practice that was visibly excited over the prospect of having a root canal done!


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Root canals aren't all THAT bad....I'd be worried about flying around the drilling room after he relieves that pressure in your sinuses....you know, going pbbbfffffftttt all over like when a balloon you're blowing up escapes.... Better duct tape your butt to the chair, Karen!

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Becky - way too funny!

You know, I have horrible teeth. I am the root canal Queen. I think this will be my sixth one. and they don't bother me a bit, I'm looking forward to it actually! anyway, because of my bad teeth history, I'm so surprised that no one, including MYSELF, thought about this - my family doc did check my teeth and gums in Dec. when it was so bad but nothing hurt that she pressed on or anything . . .

relief is on the way!


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So glad you are going to get some relief!! This is one of those times when I am glad I was right, but hate that I was right. "cause you have to have a root canal and all. But hey, it beats being sick all the time and it SURE beats an ENT opening up your sinuses and prodding around!! I hope you are feeling better soon!!!

In my thoughts and prayers~~~


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