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Well, it ain't my thyroid either!!


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The latest......pancreatitis!! It'd make sense if I drank as much as I talk about being a drinking woman....but I don't! If I have two drinks a week, that's a lot! :roll:

So tomorrow, off I go for an ultrasound of my gall bladder to check for stones.....another major cause of pancreatitis.

My symptoms are sorta mild. No severe pain and it doesn't get worse after I eat. Certain bloodtests were elevated enough to indicate the pancreatitis.....which CAN also be caused by the Epstein Barr virus (did I mention I have chronic EB?) and also by corticosteroids. Ahem....I'm still on prednisone...........OH and also Tetracycline....which I've been taking 40 mgs. of for two years for bone loss in my jaw.

No way of telling how much chemo suppressing my immunity factors in to any of this, I don't suppose. :roll:

Dang. Just when it's not prudent to drink.....I've got one helluva good reason to start hanging out at Cindi's pub! :?

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I'm such a mystery. :roll:

I do not have gallstones. Not even a teensy weensy one in the biliary tree.

The ultrasound tech was very forthcoming...and there is nothing he could find/see to account for the pancreatitis.....so this puts my doc back to square one for figuring out what caused this and what to do about it.

Meanwhile I had a piece of FRIED CHICKEN for lunch AND a small cinnamon donut, right after I took my Nexium. My tummy, at the moment, feels better than it has all day so far.

Like I said.....a mystery. A puzzle. And I still say, pancreatitis aside.....there are times I think I'd be better off if I WERE a big drinker!! :? If for no other reason than the anesthetic effects~! 8)

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