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chemo administration


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Hi Everyone, I go to my onc next week to get everything set up for my chemo and was wondering how do the administer chemo, how long does it take, or is there all sorts of ways and time differs? Thanks All For Your Help Thru Difficult Times.


nancy -theres all sorts of ways and time diffrences with chemo so dont even try to compare youll just get confused. even some 1 with the same chemo drugs can have diffrent doses diffrence admin technic and time and diffrent monthly admin schedule

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It depends on what you have and what they pre medicate you with. I only had Carboplatin IV -- took Etoposide orally. It took about 15 minutes to get the pre-meds (steroid + anti-nausea) and about 45 for the Carbo to run through, so all together about an hour. Other patients there would have several IV bags to go through, so it took them longer.



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Yeah...my first treatment took 8 hrs.....others were 1-4 hrs. But the main concern of the onco doc is to get the anti-nausea meds in...then infuse the chemo "cocktail". I believe different types and amounts of chemo ordered hane different infusion times....And some take axtra time because they need additional fluids added simultaneously. Your onco doc will probably see you before each chemo session so he can read your blood tests and check you over. I think alot of patients were able to stay with the original schedule....but mine changed several times. Only time will tell how true your chemo schedule will be to your doc's initial assessment and order.

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