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Surviving Spouses Valentine's Day…


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I liked that website :)

I am the anti-Valentine. I am very happily married, I feel I have the best husband in the world, but I HATE Valentine's Day! Ryan Seacrest summed it up best (he does the morning radio show in Southern California) and he said it is "Single Awareness Day" with the acronym SAD. I always felt that way too!!!! All the holiday does is make a certain sector of the population depressed. If you are happy in a relatioinship, then every day should be valentine's day, no need to recognize it :):)

Of course my social worker friend said it is not about being ina relationship, it is about expressing love to family and friends, that is why children give Valentine's day.

I still disagree with the holiday and will continue to wear black as protest on the day like I did in my single years :)

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