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My apologies

Amy P

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I have been lying low for the past couple of weeks...first I was in some sort of yucky funk and then had a myriad of other issues including projectile vomit (not me), an emergency root canal(me) and work related issues :( but things seem to have settled down - for now at least.

I have been reading some but haven't had much time to post and am not sure I will have enough time to get caught up but I am trying.

I continue to keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers even if I am not "here". Things have been pretty rough and I am so sorry for all of the rotten news some of you have received - this just really sucks! ((((Beth, Addie, Dave, Lucie, Mr Ry and others I know I missed))))))))

I will try to do better but can't make any promises but please know that even if I am not around all of you are in my heart and in my prayers. I will be here when I can. I gain so much inspriation from all of you and it keeps me going and for that I thank you!!!!

Maybe I will meet up with you all in the pub some evening and serve my new found drink - chocolate covered strawberry martini - it is darn near as good as the real thing!

Much Love to all of you!!!


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Hi Amy.

Good to see you back. Hope things improve on the home-front.

Oh yeah. I would love to have a sip of that fancie martini. Some evening we will get all gussied up and put on the glam and have a chilled martini party. mmmm. and then get just a little dizzy and a little more giggly.

love, Cindi

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