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On Friday we took my dad to the ER because he was short of breathe. I mentioned last week that he had fevers but not anymore. It is truely awful to see him like this. He is very short of breathe and he doesn't even talk to my family. The doctors think it might be a lung infection but we will learn more probably today. I talked to an on-call onc. on saturday and he said it most likely is an infection. My dad won't eat. He says it is painful to eat. He had an xray taken when he went in and they saw a shadow where his tumor is/was. I'm really scared. He is on 2 kinds of antibiotics but if they don't work they said it is the cancer. What does that mean? Does he have to suffer? Please let me know what you guys think?


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The simple answer to "does he need to suffer?"....is NO!! There are meds to ease any discomfort or pain. But certainly the docs will want to know too, what is causing this....infection or the cancer.

I know it's hard not to fret and panic and worry....but try to be calm until some tests are done or there are results from the antibiotics.

There are also things they can give him to make it easier to eat....or to encourage his appetite. And ANYTHING he is interested in eating or can get down, will help keep his weight and strength up. If it's milkshakes or ice cream or yogurt smoothies....so be it. Anything with protein is good too, as it helps rebuild healthy tissue. And Dad needs to stay hydrated...so lots of water or liquids.

I'm sorry you're going thru this rough stretch...but am sending positive thoughts for dad and hoping the results are not the worst, and are easily fixable with antibiotics. Keep us posted...ok?

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No he doesn't need to suffer! Like others have sais, the pain meds can tak care of a lot. But steriods will help with the shortness of breath and will also make him feel slightly better. Steriods are both good and bad, they can make you feel better but fatten you up and make you moody.

Good luck and keep us posted. Ask the doctors lots of questions!

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