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Taxol only?

Suzie Q

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My mom is starting on Taxol as her fourth line of treatment. It's not in combination with anything.

She's looking into getting another opinion as her onc indicated this was it...otherwise start "comfort care." She's POd - not at all ready for that, still wants a fight!

Any info about Taxol only, how it's different from Taxotere, and any other suggestions would be appreciated.


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Pasted from a website (http://www.lungcancerclaims.com/types_o ... s_and_.htm)


Taxol has been used to treat cancer for some years. It is an extract from the bark and needles of the yew tree, Taxus brevi folia. Taxol is a white powder and when prepared for use becomes a clear, colorless liquid which is given by intravenous route only. It has been used to treat the following cancers: Ovarian, Testis Metastatic breast cancer Head and neck cancer, melanoma, and lung cancer.

Taxol is most commonly used in combination with other chemotherapy drugs such as: 5-FU, Adriamycin, Vinorelbine, Cytoxan and Cisplatinum .The type and extent of a cancer will determine the method and schedule of administration of this drug. This decision is made by the medical oncologist. At present, Taxol is normally given once every three weeks.

The history of Taxol is supplied on a webpage entitled The Taxol Molecule: Taxol was discovered at Research Triangle Institute in 1967 when Dr. Monroe E. Wall and Dr. Mansukh C. Wani isolated the compound from the Pacific Yew Tree, taxus brevi folia and noted its antitumor activity in a broad range of rodent tumors. Interest in Taxol waned for nearly a decade. ... In 1980, scientists at Albert Einstein Medical College reported that Taxol has a unique mechanisms of action, making it the prototype for a new class of chemotherapeutic drugs. Taxol bind tubulin, thereby inhibiting cell division... RTI.org. (Research Triangle Institute)

It is active as single agent therapy in non pretreated NSCLC and probably also after prior chemotherapy. Combinations with cisplatin or carboplatin have been the object of multiple phase II studies.(7).

6.612 Manufacturer

Taxol is manufactured by Bristol-Meyers Squibb. Www.BMS.com.

6.613 Taxol Side effects:

The degree and severity of the side effects depend on the amount and schedule of the administration of Taxol. Following are some of the most common and important ill effects: Low white blood counts, low platelet count, anemia, hair loss, soreness of the mouth, difficulty swallowing , diarrhea, nerve damage, allergic reactions, fluid retention. The occurrence of allergic reactions, skin reaction and fluid retention can be reduced by pretreatment of patients with steroids. It is imperative that patients relay any side effects or problems to their medical oncologist. Taxol is metabolized in the liver and excreted into bile. Dose of Taxol should be reduced in patients with liver dysfunction or massive liver metastasis.

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