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Went to CyberKnife Miami


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We saw the onc dr. at Moffit on Monday. The PET scan showed that his lung tumor was practically gone (really good thing!). However, the liver tumor had again increased. The dr. took him off the clinical trial. He is going to speak to a surgeon about the liver. Meanwhile, he encouraged us to go ahead to CK consult in Miami.

After reviewing the most recent scan the dr. at CK said the lung tumor was too small to consider CK but the liver tumor was a very good candidate. My husband wants to wait to see what Moffit says, he still is leaning to surgery. A surgeon also talked to us at CK and said generally surgery is not considered for mets to the liver from the lung. He recommended the CK.

If we do the CK we would return to have the fiducials (little markers) implanted around the tumor (probably 2-3). We would then go home and return a few days later for a CT scan. The next day would be a planning day for the CK team. He would then have 3 treatments, one a day for the next 3 days.

Since my husband is on Medicare the cost for 3 treatments would be $10,500. We have to pay this up front. They will fill out all the claim forms and help us with all the filing requirements to be reimbursed by Medicare. The fiducials are not covered ($100/ea). Dr.'s, scans, etc. would be filed to Medicare.

I would be very interested to hear from anyone that has had any type of treatment for liver mets. Right now we are just kind of hanging...waiting to hear from Moffit.

Thanks to everyone.

Karen H

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Hi Karen,

I wish I could give you some input on the CK but I don't have any experience with it.

Damn Medicare though, I just don't get it - we live such a wealthy country yet we cannot cover the medical expenses of our sick. Oh man it just makes me angry.

Please know that I wish you all of the best,


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We are not going to do the CK right now, surgery instead. Your mother and my husband were diagnosed about the same time with stage IV with met to liver. I think the CK may be a very good option for your mother. Check out http://www.cyberknifesupport.org/forum/default.aspx?f=6. You will get good info there. You can post ? and get answers the next day. I have several postings there. Good luck.

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