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Always get a 2nd opinion


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This has been a crazy week for me. I came home Sunday from being at my dads house (300 miles away) for the last three weeks. It was so hard to leave. It was 4 weeks ago today that my husband came home from work to tell me the news that my dads cancer was back. My stepmom didn't want me to be alone to hear the news. Those first three weeks were just horrible. The Dr. told nim to get his affairs in order to later give a time line of 4-6 months. The lung cancer had now metastised(SP?) to the brain. They said there are so many lesions and some are so big nothing could be done other than WBR. I was so frantic. It just couldn't be. I feel so naive to have thought they got it all 2 years ago. I packed up my three young children and headed to his house to help in any way and to spend as much time as possible with him. I took him to his radiation and went to the Dr.'s appts and tried to get as much knowledge as possible as fast as I could. We got a contact at Loyola who thought he should be seen after his three weeks of WBR. So I headed home to see about getting someone to watch my little ones so I could meet them at the appt. at Loyola on the coming Tues. When I arrived home I came home to more bad news. My husbands cousins 20 year old son died on Friday. Sun evening we found out the funeral was to be Tues afternoon(same day as dads appt.). Talked to stepbrother who was going to Loyola appt. with what questions I had for the Dr. and he was going to help out there. Ten days prior my stepdad had triple bypass heart surgery. Had been home recovering, visiting nurse came Sun. low on oxygen go to ER. Admitted to ICU for the night. Mom calls Monday morning hospital called things are worse come now. Head in there touch and go all day, told to call the family in that evening 6:00 before GI dr arrived. By 12:00 they have him back stable and a plan to follow to try to take care of all the days problems. Spend night there with my mom and stepbrother. Stepdad remains stable through the night. Off to the funeral. What a horrible thing for these wonderful people. I can't even imagine their pain. I am now at the point of not even wanting to hear the phone ring out of fear of what else could be wrong. Then I finally get the call from my dad about his appt. The DRs at Loyola think that more can be done along the lines of Gamma Knife. They want him back in 6 weeks for a new MRI to see what the WBR accomplished. The original MRI shows 7 lesions. Some of which they say may be more pools of blood from the bleeding or may be totally gone from the WBR.

Anyone who ever thought about just sticking with the first DR and not listening to a 2nd opinion, please just take one day to hear from someone else. My dad kept saying that he figured they would look at the MRI for ten minutes and say nothing else could be done, BUT they DIDN'T! I told him his onc's don't do this surgery talk to someone who does.

Just a quick thanks to all of you for all of your stories and words of encouragement. Reading and posting here has really helped me over the last few weeks. I plan to keep checking in as often as I can (which can be hard with three little boys). My thoughts and prayers are with you all.


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Thanks for all the support. I had to end earlier without the rest of my good news as I had a crying hungry baby. Anyways my stepdad is doing good in should be out of the ICU by the first of next week. I finally feel like I have had a couple of normal MOM days. Obviously still worried about the cancer. My dad saw the dr today and didn't need any fluids and labs were all good. He is also feeling much better after being off the radiation for a week and weaning off the steriods. Only concern I have left is that he doesn't want to take the Temodar chemo drug that the dr suggested two weeks ago. The drs say that it isn't necessary now that he is giong to be able to do the gamma knife, but if he wanted he could still do it. His insurance covers most of the cost and he has cancer insurance which would cover more than the remainder. Cost was a big worry to him. :roll: Enough to drive me crazy!! But his fear is the potential side effects. The dr. says the side effects are minimal, but now that the headaches are gone and the radiation and steriods are over he just wants to feel normal. Has anyone had any experience with Temodar?

Love and Hugs to all,


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