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Update on dad


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Since then end of January it has been very nerve racking. Dad has very been sick he has had his pleuera effusions drain 4 times. Two weeks ago he needed go into the hospital to get blood transfusion and they took another chest xray and found the effusion had shifted his heart. They tried drain it once more but nothing came out. So a thoratic surgeon went into the chest and suck out the pus and put in a long term chest tube.

He has been getting stronger every day. What is surpising and is confusing the pathogists and doctors they cannot find any cancer cells in the samples of the pleural fuild, pluera lining and pus. This kinda good news, they think he has had very bad infection instead of the cancer spreading. But as everyone cautions because it does not mean there is not cancer they just they can't find it.

Right now we hope he will come home sometime this week and get him stronger then go from there.

My dad is physician and knows whats going on and has alot friends which care for him. ICU Nurses rule they're best.

I am trying to get ready for the next battle. Hoping for some better quality of life for him.

My Dad was Dx with Extensive SCLC maybe large cell too (mets to the bone and liver) on 12/17/04.

Started first round of chemo (VP-16 and others)1/5/04-1/7/04, then around of Zometa (for bones) on 1/13/04.

Docetaxel three times in Feburary

Has had Procrit shots for anemia. Blood transfusion 3/2/05.

1st Pleural effison drained 1/21/05.

Chest tube 3/04/05

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