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Hi everyone;

We just returned from hospital....seems my sister's hip bone area was weaker than thought. Today, lying in bed she heard a "pop" followed by what she described as a hot searing pain in her hip/groin area. Needless to say we called an ambulance as she could not move. Hospital x-rays confirmed she has "pulled" the lesser trocar bone(not sure I have that right) and has bone weakness in other areas near hip. Surgeons are going to discuss options with us tomorrow but seems it would be a pin inserted in bone to stabalize or a partial hip replacement. Damm!! She's in the hospital w/morphine for pain which seems to help. Anyone here have to go thru a hip replacement while fighting the "beast"?

Keep us in your thoughts. Pam

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Oh Pam,

I'm so sorry. I've not had experience with a hip replacement during treatment. I have however had a Dorsal Column Stimulator Implant to help control the pain of multiple herniated discs in my spine. Healing was a little slower & we had to be extra vigilant in watching for signs of infection while healing from the surgery. Other than that, I guess all went fairly well.

Just want you to know that you & your family are in my prayers,


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