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Calf Pain?


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My husband told me last night that he was having pain in his calfs, more in one than the other. Since he has not been active at all I don't think this is muscle strain. I have read about blood clots starting in the calfs, are there other symptoms to look for? Yesterday he threw up in the morning and at night. He went through 4 cycles of chemo and did not get sick once. Hopefully, it is just a bug, but I hope it doesn't keep him from having surgery next week. Tomorrow he goes to Moffitt for a pre-op check. He was taking an aspirin a day, but stopped when we found out he was going to have surgery. Does taking aspirin prevent blood clots?

Any suggestions or help would be really appreciated. Thanks.

Karen H

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It could be that your husband was a little dehydrated. When you are vomitting you lose your electrolytes. A lack of potassium can cause leg cramps at night. See if the simple solution would be to eat a banana. It always helps for my cramps.

Good luck with the upcoming tests and surgery.


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I just stopped by our house and he was gone. I couldn't figure it out till I saw one of our bikes missing! He actually rode the bike around the neighborhood. I was just blown away! I guess everything is fine, what a change from yesterday. He even smiled. He will see doctors tomorrow so he should get a good checkup then. Thanks everyone.

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