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Life can be tough...attn karen & dave


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When I read this this morning, you were on my heart. I know it's a wonderful one for ALL of us here though! We all MUST keep the faith and hope in Jesus, our healer, our savior, our, comforter. I know you already know these things in this devotion, but it sure helps to have confirmation again and again. :)

love ya'll,


Life Can Be Tough

JOHN 16:33 ICB

33 "I told you these things so that you can have peace in me.

In this world you will have trouble. But be brave! I have

defeated the world!"

Jesus never promised us that everything would be perfect here

on earth. He recognized that we would encounter trouble. But

His instructions were to be of good cheer -- not to let it get

us down.

As we encounter difficulties in life, it will help us to

remember the big picture. First, God is our Father and has a

wonderful eternal plan for us. We are His children and He loves

us. Second, this time is but a training period for our future

life with God. We are supposed to be learning to trust God and

to obey Him.

So, every problem we ever face is an opportunity to walk in

faith and please God. Every problem is an opportunity to

overcome with God's help. How can we expect to receive the

blessings promised to the overcomer if we never have anything

to overcome?

What is the answer when we seem overwhelmed with trouble? Look

to Jesus. He has already won the victory. He has overcome and

defeated the world. In Him is victory.

You may ask how you can look to Jesus. It is mostly a matter of

focus -- what you choose to think on. What God says in His Word

will set you free and give you peace. What the circumstances

say is not the final word.

So, go to God's Word. Cling to the promises. Speak them. Sing

them. Shout them. Rejoice over them. And thank God for them.

Also, you need to develop a closer relationship with the Lord.

That is His desire and it should be yours. All relationships

are based on communication, so you must talk to the Lord to

deepen your relationship with Him. Develop the habit of talking

with Him about everything. You can speak freely to Him -- after

all He knows what you are thinking anyway.

SAY THIS: No matter what I face, the Lord is with me, and I can

overcome because Jesus already won the victory.

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Wonderful message and so full of truth. I do not remember which letter of paul's where i read this but he is telling the people that he should be anxious to leave this body to be with the lord but has chosen to remain for awhile so he can continue to share Christ.

As a Catholic when we recieve the body an blood of Christ we are expected to be like Christ and live as Christ did but i my self often find it so hard to give up all these material thing's and place my heart where it belong's.

But writing's such as you put here today give's one so much hope and understanding of our saviour and LORD JESUS CHRIST.....

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