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cancer help! Please i need you replies.


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Please reply either by post or email!

I need to gather a bunch of people's thoughts on various types of cancer. Your names will not be used just your thoughts. I am doing research on various cancer cures and need someone to help me.If you have had or have and being treated for these types of cancer(Lung, Brain(malignant tumors not Primary), Breast,Colon or Stomach cancer) I need you oppinion if you have cancer or had on wether or not you thought your treatment helped and why? When i say thought could you give me a percentage on how well you think it worked. Also what were your side-affects of the treatment you were given

Thanks for any help.

Please email if you wish to help me but if not thanks for your time!

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My husband was diagnosed NSCLC stage IV on 1/27/04. He had intensive treatment and gained a year. He died 2/4/05. From what we were told, without treatment he had maybe 3 or 4 months, with treatment he got 12 months. The treatment was harsh on him but he was brave and willing. The biggest hardship was the radiation. He has such problems swallowing after that, life was very difficult for him, he lost weight and looked and felt just awful. Two weeks after the radiation, he began to recover from the side effects. I believe the radiation was also the biggest help to him on his survival time and he always considered the hardships worth the extra time. Most of the time was good for him. Only in the last 2 months did he experience significant cancer physical problems, only in the last week was it really really bad. He wasn't in pain due to medication but his physical condition was not consistant with life.

I hope this helps you. He gained a year and most of it was good. That is sometimes how I look at cancer, it gives you time, notice, to finish up things but at stage IV, for him, the outcome was not different. But there are those here who felt good and are still living, even with a late stage diagnosis. So this is just our experience.


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Is there where we are to be honest or lie? :D

I was dx April 04. stage 3A, had surgery, radiation and chemo. Had side affects thats that no one else gets, the kind that 3% of the patients get and had problems getting my doctor to believe me, had to switch doctors. Everything that could go wrong (it seems) did.

I had 4mths after treatment and then was told that the cancer was back in all remaining lung lobes but one (February 05) .

Did treatment work initially.....no....did I follow every direction and do everything that I was told to do to the letter to increase my chances......yes. And now I am at stage 4 working again on chemo.

I'm not on onf the luck ones but it WILL work this time because it has too! And I won't accept anything less!

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