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It's been awhile but I've been thinking and praying for all!


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I haven't been here to check on everyone's progress with any regularity because my dad's been in hospital for 3 weeks and trips to see him are many. My work stuff has not been under control since his admission so I wasn't able to sneak a peek at the postings for sometime. I really should have a PC at home.

I've been thinking of all of you and hoping and praying that everyone is "hangin' in."

We did celebrate Ron's 1 year anniversary on March 29. He has been doing well although during the last few days he's been having trouble breathing - MD in emerg thinks it may be infection after doing xray. He has had a sore hip for sometime so a bone scan, MRI, and catscan have been done. No definitive answer that cancer's present, although there is a "hotspot." His abdomen appears to be quite swollen and that was one of the signs that indicated trouble last year. The (ascites) fluid disappeared after 3 months of chemo. He is very anxious and worried so I slipped him an Ativan this morning. I'm hoping he sleeps for a few hours. Thankfully, he sees the oncologist on Monday. We may be going back into battle but we will fight the fight should that be the case.

My dad was admitted to hospital with pneumonia but he also has been diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia. Unfortunately, we have been forced to apply for Long Term Care so he won't be coming home. This has been tough to deal with, too.

It was so nice to read some of the "upbeat" postings from all of you who have had so "much more" on your plates.

Love and prayers to all of you. Without knowing it you've given me some "happy" thoughts during a particularly sad time. I admire the strength of all of the survivors and family members who post on this board. I sorta feel like a "whimp" when I see that others have so much more to work through.


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Glad you checked in. No, you are not a wimp!!! Thank you so much for the update. Sorry you have had so much to deal with lately with your Dad. Congratulations to Ron for being a 1 year survivor.. Be sure to let us know how his appointment goes on Monday. In the meantime , I hope you can draw strength from the thoughts and prayers coming your way.

God bless ,


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You certainly have a full plate there. Sorry to hear about your dad, that has to be devestating.

I hope all comes out NED with Ron. Please don't be a stranger and keep us posted. We are always here for anyone who needs support.

WHIMP young lady should not even be in your vocabulary!!!


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