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My mom has had the same headache since Friday. She describes it as a dull pain right behind her eye constantly. Doc said he does not have an answer to why she would have one. Could this have spread or am I being paranoid? Onc doc skipped her chemo today so she could sleep and get rid of headache with the aide of pills hopefully. She has not been able to sleep this time with chemo. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you and God bless all of you.


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Sorry I cant be alot of help with your mom's continued headache but I am sure someone else here probably has some insight.

Just wanted to wish her a speedy recovery and hopefully the med's she got today will offer some quick relief.


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My husband has what he calls 'sick headaches' and blames it on the chemo. What has helped him is eating fruit and nuts in between meals. He especially likes the oranges and bananas. Also, he is drinking a lot of water. We don't know why, but it works, as long as he doesn't skip or eats too late after the headaches start. His blood sugar is fine.

Another thing - could it be allergy or sinus? Where we live the pollen is awful right now and have had the splitting headaches behind the eyes.

Good luck and let us know how she does.

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I am shocked that the doctor actually said he didn't have a clue what could be causing the headache! Did he even suggest that she get an MRI to check her brain? I'm just kind of knocked over that he wouldn't at least suggest to you that if it didn't get better in a few days that she should have her brain checked.

To answer your question, "No!" I don't think you are being paranoid. In my opinion, I'd give that headache a few more days and if it isn't better then insist that she get a brain MRI.

Just my two cents.

Keep us posted.



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