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Ki Healing in Michigan

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I've been hesitant about posting this because I know that many people are skeptical (and I partially am).

But, this will probably be of special interest to those who live in Michigan (see the attached link).

It is about a man who uses ki (energy) to heal. I took my mother there a year ago for a one week intensive healing session, I remember he told her at the end of the week when she asked him how she was doing 'Don't worry you'll be okay'. Now a year later, she is okay, most of the cancer has gone. Off course I'm sure most of the credit goes to Iressa, but I also think that the energy he gave her

has helped her fight the disease. I'm not saying he does miracles, but at the very minimum he could help with the pain. Please feel free to PM if you have questions.


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I don’t blame you for being hesitant about posting something like this, but I believe it is helpful, so thanks. I’ll bet there are very few who didn’t search out these obscure alternative ways of getting by when they were first diagnosed. There is a fine line between believing completely and using in conjunction with.

My son at, 14, took an intense leadership training course and positive mental attitude ( through a ki type energy source) was instrumental in success. He had to believe in himself. Six years later I can still see the effect.

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A lot of martial artists practice Qigong. It is same type of idea. It is an extremely old practice so there probably is some ammount of truth to it.

I saw a show where they showed tibetian monks high in the mountains, they could raise their body temperature so high that when wet sheets were put on them in near freezing temps, the sheets would actually dry and steam up! Think what they could do to a cancer cell :D

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