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5 for 4/26


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1.) That I'm back down 2 sizes after going off the steroids.

2.) That I sewed a wardrobe in about 6 different sizes as I gained the weight while on steroids - otherwise, I's be naked!

3.) Cousin came over to cover my plants to protect them - we got one doozy of a snow & freezing rain storm.

4.) Got new pictures of my new great nephew, he's getting so big & handsome. He was wearing some of the clothes I sewed for him in some of the pics - that does a lot for my sense of usefulness!

5.) That my Grandmother taught me how to sew when I was young. She really gets a kick out of seeing things I've made knowing that she's the one who taught me.


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I have missed a few days in posting for this topic and I think it is important to think about happy and fulfilling aspects of our lives.

1. My neighbors had a going away (or good riddance) party for me on Friday night.

2. My grandson Jack, a 2 year old bundle of happiness and joy. And a compulsive Thomas the Tank addict. He says shoo shoo for choo choo, I eat it up.

3. My new place is feeling like home already.

4. My orange cream sickle guest bathroom, such drama for this 'preppy' person.

5. The emotional ups and downs that I receive from this site. I hate the downs but feel privileged to offer prayers and hope and advice to our dear friends.

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Oh wow, I think this one will be a "thanks for the memories" kinda thing...

1) I remember my little guy and his obsession with Thomas. (Sure beats that purple T-rex that sings... :roll: )

2) Memories of a roadtrip to San Diego when my brother graduated from Marine boot camp and keeping a little guy amused in truck stops by drawing train and construction scenes on the paper placemats...

3) The top of a little blonde head as he played on a big sheet that Grampa had drawn train tracks and buildings on in scale for his large collection of Thomas and friends...

4) A little guy naming his first dog after one of his favorite trains (Daisy).

5) Watching him grow to a "when we get there, can I sit with my friends?" teenager...

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