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Andrea's Mom?

Fay A.

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Hi Fay! Thanks for asking. Here is what happened:

They did the angiogram on the 20th and the plan was to do the "coiling" if the shape was ok--anastehia was on stand by, etc. Well the shape was not ok, so they couldn;t do it.

There is a brand new procedure, 2 years old, where they can still do coiling with a metal stent, but it is riskier and a few doctors have to be present. However, still less risky than the major brain surgery.

We were supposed to know a final date on Fri, but then they said the doctors want to review the scans one more time and confer, I am not sure why. So we are in wait and see mode until next week. I will post when we get more info and hopefully a new date.

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