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Mouth Sores


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My mom has developed painful mouth sores -- along with a low-grade fever (99.5) -- 10 days after her first chemo treatment.

When we saw the doctor a couple of days ago, his nurse suggested Biotene mouthwash. She's been using it, but the relief is short-lived.

Any suggestions on what else she could try?

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When I had radiation on neck I gargled with baking soda every day before treatment started; and throughout treatment, one day I missed Christmas, I had problems.

Also kept to a bland diet, chicken and basmati rice, no colas, spicy fooods, chips or anything with preservatives. Warm tea only, not hot foods as they recommended.

On the discovery channel last week they stated as of 1995 bio engineered foods were put into preserved foods and coincidentally people having reactions to food dramatically increased.

So, if you have not removed preserved foods from her diet I would try it.

My husband has a genetic conditon that required us to do this in the 80's so I know it is hard but it might help with reactions.

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Hi there:

My Mom used Dr. Akabutu's Mouthwash that the Cross Cancer Institute had made for her. Maybe check with her onc. about it's availablility in your area. I know it is specialized for cancer patients and it work's like a charm. My Mom never had any problems with mouth sores because of it.


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